Fingers Crossed

15 Mar


I had an early appointment this morning, which required me to be out of the house by 7:30.  This meant a 6 mile run before sunrise now that it’s daylight savings time.  I’m not entirely comfortable running by myself in the dark, so I decided to run the first 4 miles at the gym.

I started out on the indoor track, since I have been trying to avoid the treadmill recently.  I have a nagging suspicion that the ‘mill played at least a part in my recent string of injuries, and I’d prefer to keep myself injury free.  However, running around an indoor track is the most boring thing you can possibly imagine.  After a mile, I threw in the towel and succumbed to the television entertainment that the treadmill could offer me.

I definitely won’t be making a return to the treadmill for long runs, but I figured 3 miles would be OK.  Thankfully Flipping Out kept me entertained, and I didn’t exprience any foot or knee pain.

Once I finished the boring part of my run, I ran home (literally), grabbed Izzie, and headed out for the last 2 miles.  It was another gorgeous morning here in Chicago and the run positively flew by!


I had a break between my appointments today, so I came home for lunch and grilled myself a spicy italian turkey sausage.  Now, I don’t grill, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I didn’t undercook the turkey and give myself food poisoning.  I guess time will tell.  But taste-wise, my lunch was fantastic!









Grilled sausage on a sandwich thin, with a drizzling of EVOO and some tortilla chips.  I enjoyed my lunch outside in the sunshine, which made it all that much better!

Now it’s off to finish up Thursday.


It’s Been a While

14 Mar

Time for a recap!  I’ve been super busy lately, which explains my lack of updates the past few days!

Long Run

On Saturday morning I felt like C-R-A-P.  I got dressed for a run, but ultimately decided to skip it and wait ’til Sunday.  I wasn’t too thrilled with having to do this, but boy am I glad I did!  Sunday was a crazy beautiful day here, and I got in 13 miles in a tank top.  I even got a little color, as evidenced by my awesome running-tank-tanlines!  I felt great during the run, but have been pretty sore the past few days.


Yesterday morning I ran 3.5 miles with Izzie and called it a day.  I planned to run 4, but 1) didn’t feel like looping back to drop Izzie off and 2) my foot was a little achey from my long run so I figured cutting off 1/2 mile wouldn’t kill me.

This morning, I debated running my slotted 6 miles to give myself an extra day off before my long run, but I ended up nixing that idea due to my foot still being a little off.  However, when you check the weather forecast and it’s over 50 degrees at 6:45 am, how can you not go for a run?!  I ended up taking Iz for a 2 mile loop (again, tank top weather!), and then completing a brief upper body/abs workout that included sets of 20, 15 and 10 of: pushups, crunches, bicycle crunches, alternating bicep curls, and tricep dips.

It’s going to be another busy day today, but the forecast is calling for almost 80 degrees!






Well hello there, spring!  So good to finally see you 🙂  I’m off to enjoy the warmth and sunshine!


9 Mar

The past few days have been busy.  Today was another “blink your eyes and it’s 5:00” kind of day, and I spent the majority of it writing.  So, I’m gonna keep this post short, sweet and bullet-pointed.

  • Yesterday morning I got pooped on about 1/10 mile into my run.








  • I only have one running jacket.  In hindsight, this makes no sense while training through a Chicago winter.  I hightailed it home, got changed, and headed over for a boring 5 miles on the treadmill.
  • This morning I rekindled my competetive side when I swam in a lane directly next to another person.  I kicked that 60-year-old’s ass!  
  • Just kidding.  The over 60 set always blows me out of the water.  I do find myself mentally competing with the younger pool patrons though.  It makes the laps go by that much quicker.
  • On my walk with Izzie this afternoon, I saw a lost dog sign.  The little guy got spooked by the train, slipped out of his collar and took off.  I felt bad, but it also reminded me of the first time Izzie ever did that, which made me laugh.








  • I’ve never seen a dog so scared of inanimate objects.

*This is a true story.  There was a volleyball left outside of our apartment, and it freaked her out because it was new.  I kicked it, probably to tease her a little bit, and she pulled out of her collar and took off.  I hid behind a bush, which I was instructed to do with hunting dogs, and she came back around to find me within a few seconds.

  • Which leads me to the following point: if you have a skittish dog, don’t leave home without a choke collar!  Whenever anyone watches Izzie for me, I remind them 1,000,000,000 times that she must have her purple collar on her whenever she leaves the house.  But not inside the house or she’ll get it caught on something and choke.  And then I proceed to freak out the entire time that she isn’t with me.
  • And, that’s all I’ve got.  Time to face plant onto the couch, and probably fall asleep at about 7:00.  Helloooooo, weekend.


Early Morning Walk

7 Mar

This morning I felt motivated to get out of bed early to take Izzie for a long walk before hitting the gym.  I popped in my iPod with my “plane playlist”, and headed out the door.  My iPod is typically full of workout songs, but whenever I am traveling by air (which happens more than I really enjoy) I like to listen to calm music.










My plane playlist is mainly comprised of the “Garden State” soundtrack, with some Taylor Swift, James Taylor and Darius Rucker thrown in for good measure.  It was the perfect soundtrack for an early morning walk on a (nearly) spring day!  I happened to see some tulips popping through the ground too, which was a very welcome sight!

After our walk, I headed over to the gym and biked for 30 minutes.  I’ve had an oncoming cold all week, so I stopped after 30 rather than exhausting myself and making the cold worse than it has to be!

In other news, Snooki confirmed her pregnancy yesterday.  You know I love my Snooki Snickers, but I cannot believe the little meatball is going to have a baby.








Yup, that about sums it up.  Happy Wednesday!

Near Wipeout

6 Mar

Well, this morning’s run was…interesting.








I set out on a 3-miler with Izzie, and was fully expecting her to drag behind me for most of it.  I even packed a special treat in my pocket to be used in dire circumstances.

Boy, was I wrong.  Izzie was a complete nutjob this morning.  She barrelled sideways into my legs, causing me to swear loudly in front of innocent bystanders, not one – not two – but three times.  THREE TIMES.  I don’t know what got into her, but I’m very thankful I didn’t wind up splayed across the sidewalk.  Crazy dog.

Aside from the multiple near wipeouts, my run this morning was great.  It’s beginning to warm up today, the sun was shining, and my legs felt fresh.

Now I’m about to work my way through Tuesday.  Have a great day!

One of “Those People”

3 Mar

I am officially one of “those people”.

Those people who I used to roll my eyes at.

Those people who I used to tease mercilessly.

Those people who I just didn’t understand.

Those people who were out running at 9:00 on a Saturday morning.

Those people who were out running at 9:00 on a Saturday morning when it was 30 degrees and snowing.

Those people who were out running at 9:00 on a Saturday morning when it was 30 deegrees and snowing, with 25 mph winds.








I logged a little over 10 freezing cold miles this morning without any knee or foot pain.  Success!  I kept things pretty slow, although my total time does include potty breaks for Izzie, who accompanied me on the first 2 miles, as well as traffic light breaks to and from the lakefront.  I think I ran at somewhere between a 10:00 – 10:30 pace, which is fine by me.

The wind was out of control this morning, and I honestly don’t think I’ve ever worked as hard as I did in the last 1.5 miles of my run.  It was rough!  My compression sleeves are definitely my best friends today.

Now I’m off to do some errands and relax!  Have a wonderful Saturday!

Rescue Pets

2 Mar


Today was a cross training day, so I hit the pool for a mile swim.  I was the only person in the pool for about half the time that I was there, which is nice in theory, but is kinda creepy in practice.  I found myself really swimming hard so I could hurry up and get outta there!  I guess a good way to push yourself in cross training is to be insanely creeped out during your workout!

In other news…

Rescue Pets

I just heard on the radio that Jennifer Anison and her boyfriend recently adopted a pitbull named Sophie.  I have a weird love for Jennifer Aniston (and, therefore, a weird hatred for Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie), and her passion for animals really hits home with me.

She was reportedly devastated when her beloved pooch, Norman, passed away earlier this year, so I was happy to hear that she was able to move on.  I was also thrilled to hear that she adopted her new pup.











(source) <– Click this link to read more about how little miss Sophie was adopted.  I could not love Jennifer Aniston more!

There are so many pets out there who need homes, and I feel very strongly that people should adopt whenever possible.  Even if you want a specific breed, or need a hypoallergenic pet, there are tons and tons of breed-specific rescues out there.

Both Nick and I adopted our pets – and Nick even drove out of state to adopt Beanie because he was interested in his specific breed.








I don’t think we could’ve ended up with better pets if we had paid a million dollars.  Remember: adopt, don’t shop!

And happy Friday!