Virtual Trail Running

24 Sep

During today’s treadmill workout, which I pulled from the workouts page on peanut butter fingers, I tried some virtual trail running.  While on the bike the other morning, I noticed that my gym had added the virtual active program to the cardio entertainment systems.  When I’m on the stationary bike, I tend to enjoy watching trashy reality TV…my favorite biking show to date is The Millionaire Matchmaker.  It makes my ride feel so much less monotonous when I am watching these poor hapless millionaires try to find wives!  But on the treadmill, I need music.  I’ve tried watching TV and it just doesn’t cut it for me during a run.  So, during this morning’s workout, I took a jaunt through Yellowstone National Park, and enjoyed (virtual) sights such as this one:

Whenever I read Runner’s World I am so jealous of people who get to enjoy the “rave runs” on a daily basis.  As a current Chicagoan, today I got to pretend I was on a rave run of my own.  Hopefully somewhere down the line, it won’t have to be virtual 🙂

I got home feeling refreshed and energized and enjoyed a bowl of oats with peanut butter, nutmeg and cinnamon.  I took a picture but haven’t quite figured out how to make oatmeal look appetizing in a picture…I’ll try again tomorrow 😉  Now, I’m off to have my highlights touched up (this was much needed!).  Although the “ombre”  look

is popular nowadays, I don’t think the 2-inches of roots look works too well for me.  When I return, I’ll post a picture of myself so I can round out the “Who’s who”/Meet Me page!  Til then…


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