In my mind, I’m goin’ to Carolina

27 Sep

Ahh, Monday!  It’s always tough to get back into the swing of things, and this week was no different.  Monday mornings are rough.  Because of this, I make Monday a rest day.  Knowing I can sleep in until the absolute 100% very last second is comforting as I drag myself out of bed and ready myself for the week.

My job is pretty flexible, and my daily and/or weekly schedule is never the same.  Some days I work from home entirely.  Most days I work from home in the mornings and have client visits in the afternoon.  And some days I have client visits in the morning and afternoon.  Today was one of those days, so I was glad for the sleep-in (though my second appointment was canceled, so I did have unexpected work-from-home time this afternoon).  When I got home from my first appointment, I made this fantabulous lunch: a grilled cheese (aged sharp white cheddar), McIntosh apple and strawberry jelly on an everything bagel.  Salty and sweet and yummy 🙂

During this afternoon’s walk with Izzie, one of my favorite walk-time things happened.  Izzie spotted a rabbit.  Though I live in a city, my neighborhood is chock full of bunnies, and Izzie happens to be a huntin’ dog.  She’s super cute when she “hunts”, though I’m pretty sure she’d have no idea what to do if she ever caught up with one of her furry friends.  Here are some pics of her in full on hunting mode :


For dinner tonight, I used the leftover pork from yesterday’s dinner to make another pulled pork sandwich.  This time, I smothered the pork in Carolina-style bbq sauce.  Carolina style sauce is vinegar based and is amazing.  

Told ya it was smothered.  I even put some sauce on the bread!  If I closed my eyes really really really tight, I almost felt like I was back down south 😉



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