Got me some pumpkin!

28 Sep

Finally!  For the past several weeks, I have been scouring the aisles of several different grocery stores to no avail.  Where on earth could the pumpkin be?!  Don’t they know it’s September, and thus I must bake and cook with pumpkin until I can’t take it anymore?!  Well, on Sunday I finally reached the point of exasperation and asked at the customer service desk:

Me: “Do you have canned pumpkin somewhere?”

Lady at desk: “Nope”

Me: “Uhhh, excuse me?”

Well, it turns out that the pumpkin crop has been bad the past few years (who knew?!) and the store was having trouble getting supplies in, so this year they just abandoned all efforts.  Hmph.  I was so disappointed!  So, on a whim, I stopped into a different grocery store out in the ‘burbs on my way home from an appointment yesterday.  And what did I find?!  PUMPKIN!  Phew!  I excitedly stocked up on pumpkin supplies.

For the rest of the afternoon, I hoped and prayed that no one would look in my car lest they think I am some sort of weird pumpkin hoarder.  Anyway, at Nick’s request, I promptly cracked open a can of pumpkin to get to work on some chocolate chip pumpkin bread.  The bread turned out great, except for one little snaffoo…the loaf pan I used did not cooperate with me, and the bottom of the bread was very stuck.  So, accidental chocolate chip pumpkin loaf-top 🙂

Good thing I have plenty of pumpkin to give it another go!  This morning, after completing a 30 minute interval workout on the treadmill, I rounded out my pumpkin consumption with some pumpkin, chia seed, raisin, cinnamon and nutmeg oatmeal.  Yumm!


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