Roll out!

29 Sep

This morning I woke up feeling tight.  My initial plan was to head over to the gym and ride the bike for about 20 minutes to try to loosen up my legs, and follow that up with an upper body strength workout.  My plan was foiled when Izzie popped out of bed just as I was heading out the door.  Here’s the thing about Izzie – she has super-staring-powers.  Seriously, she will stare you down until you give her what she wants.  I guess I’m a pushover, because as soon as I saw her face, I changed my plans.  Instead, I took Izzie on a 2 mile walk, and followed that up with an upper body strength workout.

Before we headed out the door, I rolled out my legs using this foam roller, from Trigger Point Therapy.

This roller is seriously amazing.  It hurts, but it really loosened my legs up.  The little nubs really work into your muscles and add a little extra oomph to foam rolling.  Definitely worth a try!

When we returned home, I did the following upper body/abs workout, superset style:

Shoulder raises + Other shoulder move – 15 reps, 3 sets (each)

Bicep curls + Tricep dips – 15 reps, 3 sets (each)

Leg lifts + Plank holds – 15 reps, 3 sets; 30 second holds

Feelin good heading into the day!  Especially because it is almost Friday…Phew!




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