Fresh Picked

1 Oct

Today was such a fun Saturday!  Nick woke up early this morning to complete a 12 mile run, since he is training for the Detroit marathon in a few weeks. I, on the other hand, was not so ambitious.  My legs were feeling pretty sore this morning, and since we have the Bucktown 5K tomorrow I wanted to give them a little time to repair – you know so I could actually run during the race.  I stretched them out using an awesome stretch band that Nick got from physical therapy sessions.  Then I took Izzie on a nice 2 mile walk.  It was a beautiful fall morning and it was great to get outside after all the rain we’ve been having this week!  After a quick trip to the vet for Izzie and Beanie, Nick and I headed out to the crossroads of America to do some apple picking at County Line Orchard.

We went here the year before last and it was a great time.  They’ve revamped the place a bit since the last time we were here, and the bakery and store are much much bigger!  The parking lot was packed, and we even had to park in the overflow lot!  The bigger store area really made the place feel less crowded than it was, though – which was really nice.  Though we were excited for some apple picking, Nick and I needed some sustenance…

An apple spice donut dusted with cinnamon and sugar for me...

And a pumpkin donut for Nick!

These donuts were so good!  They were crispy and doughy and fluffy, and the perfect start to our “lunch”.  We picked up two more to take home with us for dessert 🙂  After finishing our donuts, we hopped on one of the tractors to take us “out” to the orchards.  I put out in quotes because the tractor ride was literally 30 seconds.  We laughed when it stopped to let us off!  It was a cute idea, but we walked the rest of the day 🙂

We started off picking some red and golden delicious apples for our first stab at an apple pie.

Then, we took a leisurely lap around the orchards and finished up with my favorite…McIntosh!  We made it just in time for these babies, as most of them were already picked or on the floor.  I did some hunting and got a good pick though!

After finishing our “lunch” by munching on several apples as we walked around the orchards, we headed back into the store to check out the rest of the goods!  We stumbled upon some good stuff, all of which I am excited to dig into this week.

(Ok Ok…I may have cracked open the pumpkin butter the second we walked in the door…just to make sure it was Ok ;)).  We came home with some fresh honey, chunk honey (which neither of us have tried before!) and individual packets of mulling spices.  It’s fall up in here!  We also brought home our weight in apples.

Nick's loot.

My loot.

Now we’ll be takin it easy for the rest of the night!


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