1 Oct

In October 2010, Nick and I took a week long trip to Sicily with Nick’s parents and godparents.  I can’t believe it was a year ago already!  When we were in Sicily, we saw some great sights – not the least of which was the town that my grandfather’s family came from.  Nick and I were thrilled to find out that Collesano (the name of my family’s town) wasn’t too far from where we’d be staying, and I was so lucky to have had an exact street address for a house in which my great grandmother lived before she came to America. We made a day trip out of it, and had a great time exploring my roots!

Me standing in front of my great grandmother's house!

Me and Nick standing in front of the valley overlooking the sea; view from Collesano.

Seriously – how beautiful is this?!  It was such an amazing experience.  Even with this fantastic side trip, and many many wonderful meals, one of my favorite memories of our trip is cooking up a meal in our rented villa (thanks, Mary and Jeane!).  Nick’s mom and godmother got some breaded chicken and veal from the local butcher and cooked it right up in our kitchen!  The chicken scallopine was ridiculous, and Nick and I could not wait to replicate it when we got home!  Over the past year, we’ve taken many opportunities to perfect the recipe.  It makes for a great Friday night dinner, and tonight was one of those nights.  To make the chicken, we pounded out some already-thinly-sliced chicken breasts, dipped them in an egg white wash and italian seasoned bread crumbs, and fried ’em up!

To go along side, we took some more inspiration from Giada and made a batch of wild mushroom risotto.

Start with some onion, garlic and butter...

…and fry away! Is this not one of the most delicious smelling combinations ever?!

Add your arborio rice and broth, and start cookin up your risotto!

On an unrelated note: as we were making our risotto, Nick and I were talking about my blog.  Beanie ran by, and I commented “I’ve gotta get him some more face time on the blog, but he’s always hiding when I’m taking pictures!”.  Fast forward a few minutes, and this is what I got:

"What's that Mom? You want me to be on the blog more?! These laces on your *brand new shoes* sure look fun!

"Got it! There ya go, Mom - I put on a nice show for ya. Wanna give me a treat now?! I just love those salmon flavored ones…"

Following a little entertainment from our lovely pet, our meal was ready.  Though our setting wasn’t exactly  a farm house in Sicily, the meal totally rocked!

Chicken scallopine, wild mushroom risotto and asparagus…the perfect Friday night 🙂  Now I’m off for some down time before our weekend of apple picking and the Bucktown 5K!


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