2 Oct

This morning went a little something like this:

Alarm: “Beep beep beep”

Me: “Huh, what?  Monday already?  Ugh, I don’t even know what appointments I have today.  It came so fast…weird that I don’t remember running the 5K yesterday.  Oh….”

Yeah, suffice it to say I was con-fused this morning.  Woah!  It was a nice surprise that it wasn’t Monday morning yet, though!  Once I cleared the intense fog from my head, I popped outta bed to get ready for the Bucktown 5K.  I got myself dressed and took Iz for a quick walk.

All our gear was laid out the night before, so the prep this morning was nice and easy.

All day yesterday I was debating what to wear.  I feel like it’s too cold for shorts, but not quite cold enough for full tights.  I wanted to purchase a pair of capris but didn’t get the chance this week.  Once Nick told me he was going to wear tights, I felt OK about bundling up.  I’m a wimp with the cold, and I wanted to make sure I was nice and toasty!  I donned my full tights, short sleeve shirt, long sleeve shirt, running jacket, and gloves…

Once we were all bundled up, we hopped in our pre-ordered cab and made our way to the race.

There’s something about the energy of a popular race that is contagious.  It’s a really fun and exhilarating environment. The downside to a popular race, though, is that the run is crowded.  It’s tough to get a good rhythm going when you are constantly dodging around people.  Nick and I stuck it out together for a while, but about 1.5 miles in I told him to just go ahead of me.  It’s so much easier to dodge when you’re only thinking about yourself!

The race was over in a flash and Nick and I gathered up our stuff.  We made sure to snap a picture to make sure we always remember how good we look after a race 😉

You may notice that I am neither wearing my jacket nor my gloves.  I underestimated how much my body would heat up when running and had to remove several items of clothing during the run.  Woopsie!  Someday I’ll get it right!

Anyway, here are my results!


My first race as a Clemens!  And a faster pace than I normally hit!  Not a bad start to my Sunday 🙂

We opted to walk the 1.2 miles home to get in a little extra exercise.  By the time we walked in the door, I was ready for some pumpkin butter oatmeal!

I’m now regretting the fact that I only purchased one jar of pumpkin butter.  I suppose that means it’s time for me to consider making my own!

I just heard this yell from the other room: “YEAH YEAH YEAH!  There we go Bears!”  I think this means it is time for football (and cooking)!!


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