Ultimate Fall

3 Oct

Today was simply filled with food.  For some reason, Nick and I were both in a really snacky mood today and munched on everything from cheese and crackers to chickpea fritters (a la Stephanie Izard).  All of our snacks were delicious, and perfect for Football Sunday!

But let’s move on to the main event, shall we?

I have been itching to write this post all day, mainly because when I walked in the door from the grocery store, I was greeted with this.

Before we went apple picking yesterday, we decided that some of our apples would be used for our first stab at a homemade apple pie.  On our way home from the orchard we found a Paula Deen recipe, which you may see here , that looked perfect.  While I did our weekly shopping and picked up extra ingredients, Nick got started by mixing together some fresh apples and spices!  Taking a little shortcut with store-bought dough, we got to work on our pie!

We used a cute little pie dish that my mom sent us last year.  We didn’t use the recipe on the dish, but I still thought it was perfect to use 🙂



We lined the dish with one sheet of dough, and filled with the apple mixture (to which apple sauce was added).


Then we used another sheet of dough to make a beautiful lattice top!

Next came the crumb topping…

And into the oven it went!

For the next 45 minutes, the perfect fall smell began to work its way through our house.  Finally, out came the final product.

It was really wonderful having the apple pie baking so early, but it was hard to stay away from it until after dinner!  Both Nick and I snuck a few tastes of the caramelized-apple-sugar mixture that seeped out onto the sides 🙂  Luckily, we had a delicious and fun dinner awaiting us!

Nick and I decided to make a simple mole from Rick Bayless’ Mexican Everyday cookbook.  Moles are typically really complex and time-intensive dishes, but this one was a very basic mole intended to be made on an every-day basis, rather than just a special occasion.  I think it was the perfect first at-home mole experience!

Into the pot went a mixture of tomatoes and chiles.  After a little bit of manpower (i.e. Nick stirring vigorously), the green beans, potatoes and chicken were added!

It simmered for about 20 minutes and…voila!  Every-day mole!  A lot of moles are thick and used as sauces.  This mole was more of a broth, kind of like a Mexican stew.

With a biscuit served alongside, it was the perfect cool-night meal.

Although Nick and I both loved the mole, and are very excited for leftovers to be used this week, we were even more excited for what came next.  Finally it was time to dig into the pie!

My oh my.  This pie was delicious!  I am normally not a huge apple pie fan, but this pie had the absolute perfect ratio of apples to crust (I prefer my apple pie to have less apples than more).  I topped our slices with some slightly sweetened fresh whipped cream.

And now I think we are both in a bit of a food coma 🙂  Good thing there’s some Sunday Night Football Reality TV for us to veg out to 🙂  See ya in the AM!


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