Late Night, Easy Dinner

7 Oct

Tonight was another late night for me.  Not because of my appointment, but because of the Chicago traffic!  By the time I walked in the door it was already after 7:00 and I still had to take Izzie on her nightly walk.  I needed a quick dinner and, luckily, I had just the thing in my freezer.

An Amy’s baked ziti bowl!

I am a sucker for peas in pasta, and this bowl delivers!  You get a few peas in every bite, along with lots of zesty sauce.

This particular bowl features gluten-free pasta, made from rice flour rather than wheat flour.  The noodles have a slightly softer texture than typical pasta and are incredibly tasty!

After dinner, I helped myself to my very own Peep-kin patch for dessert.

I had to swing by Walgreens on my way home tonight, which basically spells disaster when I am starving at 7pm!  I couldn’t resist the Halloween candy aisle and came away with ghost and pumpkin shaped Peeps and some peanut butter M&Ms.  I love that they make Peeps year round!

So do these two…

Hmmm, what is this? Should I trust it? It smells good, but it could be a trick...

Gimme gimme gimme! Marshmallow marshmallow marshmallow! OMG I'm gonna start to drool...

Now I am off to relax and enjoy the fact that tomorrow is Friday!!


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