Walk it Out

7 Oct

This afternoon I got home relatively early, around 3:30!  This is pretty unusual for me these days, as most of my appointments occur in the after-school hours.  I celebrated by taking Izzie on a walk through (the actual) Lincoln Park.  I love walking through the park because it almost makes me feel like I’m not in the middle of a city.

Izzie was pretty excited to get walkin’

We started off on our usual route through the ‘hood.

And passed by these adorable pumpkin toppers.  I know several kiddos who would love these!

To Infinity…and Beyond!

Then I made Izzie’s night by extending our loop through the park.

Based on some of the trees I saw this morning, I thought the foliage would be more vibrant.  I was a little disappointed with the lack of color, but it was still a gorgeous walk.

I tried to get Izzie to pose for some pictures with me.

Mom, leave me alone. I think there's a cupcake in there.

But she was not down for that.

*Let me take a sec to explain the quote on this picture.  As we were walking down to the park, Izzie sidled up to the door of a local Mexican restaurant.  I figured she smelled the deliciousness and didn’t pay her much attention.  We were waiting for a light to change, and she proceeded to stick her head deep into a potted plant outside the door.  Hmm, I thought.  That’s weird.  And then my food-loving dog came up with half a cupcake!  What a nut.  When I told the story to Nick, he summed it up quite well: the only way Izzie would survive in the wild is if rabbits were made of baked goods.  True story.

Now I’m off to relax for a bit before cooking up a fun meal for Friday night!


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