Ti voglio bene

8 Oct

On my way home today, I happened to be listening to an old iPod playlist which included some of my favorite Italian-American tunes.  I was singing right along with Louis Prima and loving every minute – perhaps I was getting ready for tonight’s dinner!

At my bridal shower, I received this wonderful cookbook from my mom’s two best childhood friends.

Over the years, we have accumulated many cookbooks, but this one is one of my favorites.  Every meal we’ve made has been amazing and relatively simple.  For tonight’s dinner, we opted to make a tagliatelle with pancetta and parsnips.

While we were cooking, we enjoyed some goat’s milk blue cheese paired with salty date crackers from Lesley Stowe.

These sweet crackers paired perfectly with the tart and creamy blue cheese!

Our drink of choice for the evening was La Segreta Rosa from Planeta Wineries.  Nick and I visited one of the Planeta vineyards when we were in Sicily last year, and were thrilled to find out that our local liquor store carries the red and white varietals of La Segreta.  As someone who is partial to mild blends, I positively love these wines!

At the Planeta vineyard tour. Think I brought a big enough purse?!

After enjoying some cheese, crackers and wine, we got to work on our pasta!  *The rest of this post is going to be very picture heavy!

Making the flour "well".

Pouring in the eggs.

Mix 'em up!


Incorporating the flour.

Kneading the fresh pasta dough!

Our lovely sous chef.

Pasta making is a team sport!

Out come the noodles!

Frying parsnips.

The parsnips have such a lovely fall flavor.  They taste a bit pumpkin-y…so you know I love ’em!

And without further ado…the finished product!

My goodness, what an amazing meal!  I highly recommend the Babbo cookbook!  It is such a gem.

We also enjoyed some Italian bread with basil oil & aged balsamic from Old Town Oil, here in Chicago.  This place has fantastic oils and vinegars.  Though I was stuffed from the meal, I made a little extra room for a second slice of bread.

Err, did I say slice?  What I meant to say was “I made a little extra room for the dipping part of a second slice of bread”…;)

Now I am off to enjoy the start of the weekend with some leftover Thursday night TV!


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  1. Mary October 9, 2011 at 1:36 pm #

    Very interesting day!
    I have something for you to try for an afternoon
    pick-me-up. A friend brought me a hostess gift of
    White tea. What a mild, smooth flavor.Sometimes
    green tea can taste a bit grassy but this was
    wonderful. How about with a cupcake?

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