In My Next Life

10 Oct

I want to come back as one of these two.

Seriously.  How I wish I could just lounge around in the sun all day long!  But, alas, I was not  born into such luxury, and today was Monday which means…back to work!

Luckily for me, Monday is my rest day.  I desperately needed a rest day today, so I slept in a bit and took Izzie on a shorter walk this morning.  It felt great to let my body rest and I think that one more night of Theraflu should knock this cold out for good.  Phew!

After getting back into the groove this morning, I enjoyed a quickie international lunch.

Our grocery store recently expanded its international section and they have a ton of new things to try.  This week, I picked up these crackers from the Indian section.

I love Naan and I love indian spices, so this seemed like the perfect combination for me.  These crackers are delicious!  The Indian spices taste authentic, not fake, and the naan crackers are tiny and crunchy.  They are a really great, unique snack!

I paired some Naan crackers with an Amy’s spinach and feta sandwich.

I was hoping this sandwich would be just like the spanakopita that I know and love.

My absolute favorite aspect of spanakopita is the flaky, buttery, layered Phyllo dough.  Since this sandwich featured regular dough instead of Phyllo, it didn’t quite stand up to a traditional spanakopita.  However, it was a very tasty lower-calorie/fat substitute.  I will definitely enjoy it again for a quick and easy weekday lunch!

After my little lunch break, it’s now time to take a nap in the sun get back to work!  🙂


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