11 Oct

Hey there!  This morning I awoke feeling refreshed after my two nights of Theraflu-induced sleep!  I was ready to get a good workout in and took Izzie for a quick walk before heading over to the gym.

My knee was bothering me a bit yesterday so I decided to do an elliptical workout this morning to give the ol’ knee a little breather.  Here’s the thing, though…I kind of dislike the elliptical.  I used to love it.  In college it was pretty much my go-to workout (when in fact I did get off my bum and work out).  But now that I’ve gotten into running, the motion just feels off to me.

Last winter I discovered a different trainer that more closely mimicked a running stride and I loved it!  But when my gym was bought out by a new company in the spring, things got majorly changed up and they ditched my favorite running substitute 😦

So this morning I putzed around on three different elliptical varieties before confirming that I do, in fact, dislike the elliptical.  In total I spent 10 minutes ellipticaling before throwing in the towel and hopping on the bike.  Once I got on the bike I really felt like I got a good workout in.  I completed this interval workout, using the same principle that is used for an HIIT treadmill workout – 2 minutes off, 1 minute on.

After the bike, I made my way over to the weight machines and completed the following upper body workout.

15 reps, 3 sets each of:

Pulldowns + Chest Press

Shoulder Press + Lateral Raise

Tricep Push Down + Bicep Curls

And then an amazing thing happened.  I caught sight of my beloved “running” machine!  The new owners didn’t ditch them, they just tucked them in next to the loong row of stairmasters.  Since I avoid stairmasters like the plague, I honestly hadn’t noticed them sitting there this whole time.  I am really pumped to be able to work that machine back into my routine!

When I arrived home, I enjoyed a bowl of honey nut cheerios + Kashi GoLean Crunch + chia seeds, with a mug of coffee to go alongside.

I haven’t had coffee in forever, but this morning I walked by someone with some fresh Starbucks and I really got a craving.  Usually I feel pretty light headed and sluggish after drinking coffee, but a while back I determined that this feeling might have been due to the sweetener I was using and not the coffee.

I saw that we had some of these packets in our cabinet and decided to give it a try.

This coffee was delicious, fall-flavored, and slightly sweetened.  I thoroughly enjoyed it, and am now off to start my day – hopefully without feeling light-headed!


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