Monday, Monday

11 Oct

Well, Monday is over…thank goodness!  Mondays are just so tough to get through – especially when it’s a Monday holiday for so many other people!  Now that Monday is under my belt, I feel ready to tackle the rest of the week.

For dinner tonight, we used one of our new favorite quick and easy recipes.  Tandoori Chicken!

Same as last time – delicious, quick and easy meal!

But the real star of my evening, the thing I’ve been looking forward to all day…

Is a hot mug of mulled apple cider.

I don’t typically enjoy hot cider, but with the addition of mulling spices I love it.  Seriously, it tastes like fall in a mug.  So you can understand why I was so excited when I saw individual mulling packets during our trip to the apple orchard a few weeks ago!

So much easier than loose spices in a mulling ball!  Tonight, I will be enjoying my mug o’fall with a Fig Newton.

Sometimes I get in a cookie-for-dessert mood, and fig newtons always satisfy my craving.  And yes, I did say will be enjoying.  Since I’ve been looking forward to this cider all day, I wanted it to be the very last thing that I enjoy before hopping into bed.  So I created this post before heating up the cider 🙂  I’d better get to it…it’s calling my name!




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