Special Delivery

13 Oct

Our very special delivery has finally arrived.  Our first installment from a local fresh produce co-op!  Nick and I decided to give freshpicks.com a shot and ordered one of their veggie/fruit combo boxes.  Today we received this spread of healthy goods.

Although I found the makeup of the box to be a little strange – we only got one sweet potato – I really like the idea of getting fresh, local, in-season produce.  I’m hoping this will force us to try some new things out in the kitchen, and am really looking forward to getting more boxes as we move through the seasons!

When I got home from work tonight, I was 100% starving and still exhausted.  After I had a little bit of a breakdown (I sat in lots of Chicago traffic on the way home <– the  number one way to lose your sanity), Nick whipped up a delicious veggie mixture, incorporating sweet potato and green bell pepper (from our box) and an onion.

Thanks, Nick 🙂

To go with our veggies, we made a simple skirt steak from our 15-minute recipe bible.   Honestly, the steak was good but it wasn’t great.  I think we’ll try out a few different spice rubs before putting it in our weekly rotation.

Overall, though, it was a satisfying and healthy dinner!

For dessert tonight I have a very special treat.  When Nick got home from a business trip last night, he presented me with these babies which he grabbed from the airport lounge.

Delicious Walker’s shortbread cookies!  Though I was dying to dig into them last night, I knew I had to save them for a very special occasion tonight…

The E! True Holywood Story of Kate and Pippa!  When in Rome London 😉



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