The Great Outdoors

15 Oct

Last night I did a glorious thing.  I didn’t set an alarm.  Finally!  I woke up around 8:45 and felt well-rested and refreshed.  Since the sun was so bright and shiny this morning, I decided to leash Izzie up and head outside for a run.  I’ve been spending a lot of time in the gym lately and getting outside for some exercise sounded like a great idea.

My run started with a 2-mile loop with Izzie.  During this loop, Izzie gave concrete meaning to the moniker “will run for treats”!  About 1.7 miles into our run, Izzie stopped dead in her tracks.  “Ugh, not now Iz!”  I thought.  But she was so persistent that I let her go sniff out whatever it was that she smelled.  Turns out, it was a bowl of treats that the nice people at Avieve Salon set out on their doorstep.

Here’s the funny thing about Izzie, though.  She’ll stop and sniff treats in a bowl like this, but she won’t take one.  She is very cautious about taking treats from strangers.  Even if someone at Petsmart gives her a treat, she will wait for me or Nick to have it in our hands…then she’ll eat it.  The girl will eat a cupcake in its wrapper out of a plant…but she will not take treats from strangers.

Knowing this, I quickly grabbed a treat for her and we were on our way.  I kept the treat in my hand for the remainder of our run and she was the best running partner she has ever been.  Stayed right next to me, looked ecstatic rather than tortured, and displayed her true Izzie energy.

When we got home, I delivered her prize to her.

I was glad to have this pit stop in the middle of my run because my hands were fah-reezing.  My watch had gotten so cold it felt like it was burning onto my skin!  I seriousy had visions of A Christmas Story dancing through my head.


So, I threw on my running gloves and moved my watch on top of my shirt.

With this bit of added comfort, I was back out the door to complete my final 3 miles.  My legs were definitely more tired than I would’ve liked them to be, which showed me that I really need to spend time focusing on the long and slow runs once I get to marathon training.

I ended up running just under 5 miles, and it felt great!  Since I looped back past Izzie’s stash o’treats, I picked her up a little somethin’ somethin’ to say thanks for being such a fun running partner today.

She loved it!

Now I’m off to enjoy my Saturday!


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