10-4, Sonic!

20 Oct

This morning I completed a brand new treadmill workout.  This workout is called the “Broderick Crawford” workout because of its 10-4 pattern, in reference to “Highway Patrol” (a TV series which I have never seen).  Basically, the workout is comprised of a warm up and cool down period, with 10 minutes of “manageable hard” followed by 4 minutes of “recovery” repeated twice in between.  Here’s what mine looked like.

I really enjoy completing standard interval workouts, but felt like I needed to work on sustaining “faster” paces for longer periods of time.  This workout fit the bill.  But, truth be told, I really chose it because of its fun name.  I’m a sucker for clever names.

Which makes me think of gene names.  Yup, genes.  Geneticists are a pretty clever breed, and many genes have funny, clever names.  Case in point…




The Sonic Hedgehog gene!

I remember learning about the Sonic Hedgehog gene during one of my neuroscience classes in grad school and thinking it was pretty awesome that someone named a gene after a video game character.  This prompted me to look up other gene names, a list of which you may find here.  Two of my favorites are “Ken and Barbie” and “Tinman”.  But, enough about my random interest in gene names…

After completing my cleverly-named workout, I came home and enjoyed a mixed bowl of cereal.

1/2 cup chex, 1/2 cup honey nut cheerios, 1/4 cup Kashi GoLean Crisp & chia seeds.

Topped off with chocolate soy milk, of course.

I needed the chocolate for recovery!

Today’s going to be another looong day, so I’m off to get started!


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