New Workout

21 Oct

This morning I did not feel like going to the gym…at all.  I’ve recently been reading about the 10lb. Slimdown XTreme on Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life, which has sounded pretty interesting and like a good mix-things-up tool.

Since the workouts are free OnDemand through Exercise TV, I decided to give it a shot this morning.  I opted to do the cardio kickboxing workout and added the bonus 10-minute abs when I was done.

The kickboxing workout was actually a lot of fun and I did break a sweat!  It is 40 minutes of pretty fast paced kickboxing, and it kept my  heart pumping.  I enjoyed the abs video, too…especially because it was only 10 minutes!

I’m pretty sure I looked like a fool, and I actually paused the workout about 2 minutes in so I could close our living room blinds, lest the fine folks over at the 7-11 see me flailing about the apartment!  Regardless, I thought this was a fun way to mix things up.  I’m not sure I’d want to do video workouts every day, but will definitely keep it on my radar for days like today.

When I finished up with my workout, I enjoyed a bowl of oats with pumpkin butter and a little bit of peanut butter mixed in.

Nice and creamy with a pumpkin pie flavor!

Now to tackle the last day of the workin’ week!



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