Sunday Morning Run

23 Oct

This morning I awoke to the sound of a whining dog.  Let me rewind to yesterday to explain.

Yesterday afternoon I was running around doing errands and stopped in to  Home Goods.  In the pet aisle, I stumbled across this bad boy.

A “Ginormous” pumpkin flavored play-bone.

There were several other pumpkin pie flavored Nylabone-type toys, but all of them were designed for either light or moderate chewers.  Experience has taught me that buying Izzie anything designed for moderate chewers is a quick waste of money.  This bone was edible, and set up like a tripod to provide the pup with ultimate chewing leverage.

Izzie loved this bone!

(Don’t worry, once I saw what a mess this was about to be, I kicked her off the couch).  Anyway, Izzie loved this bone so much that she consumed the whole thing in less than 5 minutes.  She’s special.

So this morning she was whining her little heart out.  I ignored her for a while but once I remembered the “ginormous” bone, I figured she meant business and I’d better get her outside ASAP.

I leashed her up for a run and set out to complete a 2-mile Izzie loop followed by a 2-mile alone loop.  However, once we got outside I realized that Izzie had tons of energy this morning.  Heck, I thought, let’s give this a shot!

I bypassed our normal loop and ended up completing 4.25 miles with Izzie by my side for the whole run.  She was even sprinting ahead of me during the last 1/4 mile!  It was such a great feeling to have her out there with me the whole time.  She’s a fun running partner when she wants to be 🙂

When we got home, I enjoyed a quick breakfast of cereal and pumpkin-peanut-butter bagel.

This afternoon I had a long-overdue catch up with a friend, and am now off to organize and decorate my “home office”!


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