27 Oct

It is rainy, rainy, rainy here in Chicago today.  Yuck!  I guess I’ll just count my blessings that it’s not snow yet…

Anyway, this morning I focused on strength training and completed the following workout (15 reps, 3 sets each):

Superset 1: side shoulder raises, bicep curls

Superset 2: upright rows, tricep dips

Superset 3: deadlifts, front shoulder raises

Superset 4: squats, resistance band side steps

Superset 5: calf lifts, lunges

Superset 6: weighted bridges, 1-minute plank holds

I broke a bit of a sweat and felt good at the end of this workout!  I kept breakfast nice and simple.

A bowl of raisin bran crunch with chia seeds and almond milk.

I love how the chia seeds soak up the milk in a bowl of cereal and give it some extra “bulk”.  I especially love that texture change when raisins are in the mix, so this is one of my favorite simple breakfasts!

After breakfast I headed straight into my new home office and got to work.  One of my two coworkers decided to join me right away.

This guy loves sitting on my hand when I’m working.  You wouldn’t get this in an office!


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