Fire and Ice

28 Oct


Last night, Nick and I had a hot date…to watch one of his friends torture himself.

Let me explain.  As fans of spicy food, Nick and I started watching the Food Network show “heat seekers” a few weeks ago.  On one of the recent episodes, a pizza place here in Chicago called Bricks was featured.  Nick and I have ordered from Bricks several times, so we were intrigued to see the “Super Painful Challenge” that was highlighted.

The challenge involves eating a 10-inch pizza, topped with spicy pepperoni, jalapeno peppers, several layers of scotch bonnets, and ghost pepper sauce in 10 minutes.  Eating a 10-inch pizza alone in 10 minutes sounds tough – but scotch bonnets and ghost peppers are no joke.  

Well, Nick has a friend who loves spicy food and also can’t turn down a challenge.  Since he is in town for a while, Nick proposed the Super Painful Challenge to him and he accepted.  I couldn’t turn down spectating this event, so off we went in the freezing cold rain last night to watch Howard torture himself.

The evening started with a huge mug of Oktoberfest beer.

Nick and I ordered our usual – the Sweet Heat pizza, which includes BBQ sauce, jalapenos, bacon and chicken.

While Howard and his friend, John, got to work signing their waivers:

“Let it be known that I have undertaken this ridiculous challenge of my own free will.”

Oh, we were in for a treat!  After a few suspenseful minutes, the Super Painful pizzas arrived – from across the table you could feel the burn of the peppers.


The nice people at Bricks provided the challengers with gloves, so their hands wouldn’t fall off from touching the crazy-hot peppers.

Once they were all gloved up and ready to go, the timers were started and they were off!

Let me just make it known that I in no way understand wanting to eat something that will hurt and not taste good.  But, I did enjoy watching.

Neither Howard nor John completed the challenge, but Howard put in a valiant effort – he finished 3/4 of the pizza in the 10-minute period!  Insane.

Nick took one bite when they were done…

…and immediately started sweating and hiccupping.  It was pretty funny.

All in all, this was a very entertaining night.  What can I say?  I guess I take pleasure in other people’s pain (at least, when they actively sign up for it).

The Next Morning

This morning, thanks to the two mugs of Oktoberfest that I enjoyed, I was feeling a bitt groggy.  I just can’t hang the way I used to.

I took solace in the fact that Howard and John were most definitely feeling worse than I was, and I eventually peeled myself out of bed and took Izzie for a run.

I took a quick peek at the weather on my phone and saw temperatures in the low 40’s.  Yikes!  I bundled myself up, but was still pretty cold throughout the run.  Being outside definitely helped my cause, though, and I was feeling great as we wrapped up our 3-miler.

When I got home, I also completed the 10-lb. Slimdown XTreme Abs video.  I really enjoy this series, and my abs were burning when I was done!

As I got ready for my morning meeting, I enjoyed a bowl of oats with brown sugar and raisins, and a mug of tea.

Now I’m just powering my way through my Friday  Thursday (I have to work tomorrow morning).  See ya later!


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