Hilly Treadmill Workout

1 Nov

This morning I had another rough time getting out of bed.  It is just so hard when it’s pitch black outside!  Thankfully, I forced myself up and was so happy I did!  However painful it is to pull myself out of bed, I always feel 1,000,000x better about 5 minutes into my workout.  I wish I could bottle this feeling up and keep it on my nightstand!

Today’s workout featured a 3 mile hilly run that looked like this:

I did a pyramid incline workout, with 2 minutes at an incline of 7 during each rotation.  Since 2 minutes running at a 7 incline was a bit much for me this morning, I built in 1-minute of walking.  That helped a lot, and I felt like I had a great workout by the end.

I came home and enjoyed a bowl of chex, chia seed and Honey Sunshine with some chocolate soy milk.

I’m really digging the chocolate milk in cereal combination!

And now, an interesting fact for today:

The radio show I listen to in the mornings features a “Mind Bender” in which they ask a question based on a recent study or random tidbit of information and whoever calls in and guesses right wins a prize.  I never call in, but I love hearing these.  Sometimes they are funny, and other times they are interesting – like today’s!

Question: Only 7% of women love their ___________.

I, and several of the other callers, had the same first guess: their body.  Sadly, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was too far off.  But, alas, we were incorrect.  The correct answer?

Their hair!  I must admit, I am in the majority on this one.  I so wish I was one of those people who could just walk out the door with wet hair and end up with beautiful wavy locks.  I’m not.

As evidence, and in honor of Halloween, I present you with this:

Ok, ok – there may have been some teasing going on there – but not that much!  Thankfully there have been major advances in hair products and styling tools since then 😉


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