Leisurely Run

2 Nov

Today I don’t have an appointment until the afternoon, so I took advantage of this by sleeping in and going for an outdoor run.

I ran with Izzie this morning, which meant it was pretty leisurely.  Izzie likes to stop and mark her territory.  A lot.   I guess no one ever told her she’s a girl…

We ended up running a little under 3 miles, and it felt really nice to be outside on this cool (but not cold!) morning.

When we got home, I gave Izzie one of the new treats I picked up for her.
Let me tell you something.  These smell delicious.  I guess that’s why the packaging specifically mentions “smelling the fruitables difference”.  But honestly, these smell so good I want to add them to my oatmeal.  They smell like spicy, cinnamon-y, baked apples.  No wonder my spoiled dog loves ’em!
After my run, I also decided to do a little upper body workout.  Here’s what I did – as usual, 15 reps/3 sets each (I use my 5lb free weights).
Superset 1: side shoulder raises + bicep curls
Superset 2: tricep extensions + tricep dips
Superset 3: upright rows + front shoulder raises
When I finished up, I enjoyed a bowl of oatmeal with pumpkin butter and raisins – I refrained from adding the dog treats 😉
Before I leave you on this fine November morning, I just wanted to mention that this happened yesterday.
Yup.  November 1 = full aisles of Christmas lights, trees, ornaments, wreathes and candy.  I mean, obviously I bought some Peeps…but I still think November 1 is pushing it just a little with the Christmas stuff.  Let’s get through Turkey day first!

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