Top Chef Returns

3 Nov

Last night was the premier episode of Top Chef Texas.  When Nick and I first heard that Top Chef was going down to the Lone Star state, Nick’s reaction was less than positive.  He wondered what the deal is with all the shows about Texas?!  Personally, I think they are trying to Swack New Jersey.

Busted big time, yeah!  Sorry Texas, you’ll never have Seaside 😉

Anyway, once Nick got over the initial annoyance with the show’s location, we settled in to watch last night’s episode.  And, I must say, I really enjoyed it!

First of all, there are tons of chefs from Chicago – and from pretty amazing restaurants to boot!  My Chicago faves so far are Chris and Richie from Moto.  Despite a negative experience at Moto’s sister restaurant (which had nothing to do with the food and everything to do with the service), Moto is definitely on my list of places to check out.  Even moreso now that I’ve seen these two fun guys at work!  They seem talented and nerdy, which is my favorite combination!  Hello, Richard Blais…


In addition to the two Chicago natives, I also adore Keith from North Carolina.




Nick said he reminded him of Bubba, especially when he said “I cook fish” in that long, slow, southern drawl.  I really hope he makes it far in this competition!  He seems like he’s got a lot of good dishes up his sleeve, and he is also quite entertaining.  His response when the judges asked him how he was feeling?  “I’m too big to pass out.”  Ah.Mazing.

Overall, I feel like the folks over at Bravo have really gone all out this season and seem to have brought together a huge group of insanely talented chefs.  There were tons of James Beard nominees or winners, which I think adds up to a really exciting and mouthwatering season!  I can’t wait to see these chefs get to work!


This morning I opted to turn my alarm off in favor of some extra sleep.  I was up and out the door pretty early so my breakfast was an on-the-go sweet and salty bar with a bag of raisins and a banana.  Thankfully, I only had one appointment today so I was able to come home for lunch and enjoy a delicious Amy’s brown rice and veggies bowl.

I love how veggie-packed and filling these bowls are, especially compared with other frozen meals.  Sometimes you just need something quick and easy and these really fit the bill!

Now I am off to take Izzie on the quickest walk imaginable since it is so cold and rainy here today!  I may also do a yoga video, but that’s yet to be determined 🙂






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