Hot Chocolate Oats

4 Nov

Woohoo!  It’s finally Friday!  This week actually seemed to go by pretty quickly, which is a-ok in my book!

This morning I got up and headed over to the gym at the still-dark hour of 6:30 to complete the following 30-minute treadmill workout.

I did another pyramid workout, this time playing with pace rather than incline.  I ended up covering about 3.2 miles and felt great at the end of my run!  As I walked home, I was reflecting on how quickly the miles fly by when I’m doing an interval workout.  Usually if I am just running on the treadmill, I watch the mile counter slowly tick away.  0.51, 0.52, and so on.  It feels like before I even reach 1 mile.  But with an interval workout, I’m so focused on the small 1-minute chunks of time that before I know it I’ve run over 3 miles.  I love it!

When I got home from the gym, I took Izzie for a 1-mile walk, which felt great for both of us.  While walking, Izzie became absolutely terrified of a sweatshirt that someone dropped in the middle of the sidewalk.  Her hair stood on end and she did the old approach and retreat until she was comfortable enough to sniff it.

The random things she’s scared of really crack me up.

After our walk, I whipped myself up a bowl of hot chocolate oats –  one packet of plain oatmeal + 1/3 cup chocolate soy milk, heated up in the microwave.  The hot soy milk makes these taste like a decadent hot chocolate treat 🙂  I also added some chia seeds and half a banana, sliced.

This was a filling, satisfying breakfast!  Perfect for a sunny fall day.


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