Weekend Update

7 Nov

Happy Monday!  Nick and I returned last night from a fun weekend out of town!  Now I am just trying to adjust to the fact that it is Monday already!

This weekend, we attended the wedding of two friends of ours from Chapel Hill.  They actually chose to have their wedding on Amelia Island, Florida – even though neither of them is from there.  The setting was gorgeous and, as an added bonus, Nick’s parents live on Amelia Island so we had free lodging 😉

We arrived on Friday night and enjoyed a few drinks with the wedding party and other friends.

On Saturday morning, Nick and I went out for a 4 mile run.  It was so nice to run along while looking at this…


…as opposed to crowded streets and honking cars.  It really was quite refreshing, and I enjoyed running with a partner who didn’t stop to mark territory every 10 feet!  It kept me much more motivated than I am on my regular Izzie runs!

When we got home from our run, we enjoyed some fresh fruit and relaxed before a fun night of celebrating!

We headed over to the hotel bar before the ceremony and tried to snap some self-portraits.  Unfortunately, Nick had a cup of espresso before we headed out, and this is what we ended up with:

A little shaky!  And yes, I am wearing a scarf in this photo.  It seems Nick and I brought the Chicago weather to Florida with us.  In the middle of a week of mid-70s temps, Saturday was only in the 50s – and it was super windy!  Sorry, Florida!

The ceremony was beautiful and, even though it had to be moved inside from the beach, the bride was so calm.  I was impressed!  There were some rain-looking-clouds on our wedding day and let’s just say I was not a happy camper!

After the ceremony, we headed over to the reception site, which was just gorgeous.  The reception was held looking over a marsh, and the sun peeked out in time for some pretty sunset-ish shots!

I tried to tame my hair, but the wind was just too much!  Oh, well.

The reception was a ton of fun, the highlight of which was this:

One of our friends ordered a round of (strong) drinks that had cherries in them for the table.  One thing led to another, and eventually Nick was dared to tie a cherry stem in a knot with his tongue.  You can see this effort in the bottom right hand corner of the above photo.  Not one to turn down a challenge, he then took on the task of tying two cherry stems together.  I honestly was 100% certain that this was not possible, but you can see the proof of his success above!  It was quite entertaining, and pretty impressive!

Although we may have imbibed a little too much on Saturday night, making for a less-than-pleasant plane ride yesterday morning, we had such a fun weekend catching up with Nick’s parents and celebrating with friends!

And now, it is back to the grind…




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