Playlist Heaven

9 Nov

This morning I headed over to the gym for an easy-on-the-legs workout.  My knee started bothering me last night, so I decided to take it even easier than planned this morning.  No need to injure myself before I even start training!

I completed 20 minutes on the bike, at a resistance level of 5 and RPM of around 100.  When I was done there, I headed over to the weight area (where there was lots of grunting going on this morning; seriously, keep it down fellas!) and did some upper body work:

15 reps, 3 sets each of:

Chest press

Shoulder press

Pectoral fly



When I was done, I made a quick trip to the store to pick up ingredients for a yummy slow cooker stew that I’m planning for this evening!  Nothing like coming home on a cold, rainy day to a delicious-smelling house!

But, now, on to more important things…

Yesterday I found a renewed love of Spotify…because I can make playlists like this…

…without actually having to purchase any of these ridiculous songs.  I jammed out to Mandy Moore more times than I’d care to admit  5 times yeterday afternoon and it.was.awesome.

I also watched the music video, which took me back to my days of TRL watching and dancing along with Mandy in my bedroom.  I was so cool in high school!

I was also transported back to college where I used to perform renditions of “Only  Hope” on a frequent basis.

My voice is so beautiful, I know all my friends loved it 😉

This playlist was so much fun to create and listen to that it made my work day fly by.  I’m looking forward to finding more gems to add to it!


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