Run for Goat

14 Nov

This Saturday I took myself for a 6 mile run, which felt awesome – especially in light of the plans we had for Saturday night!

Back in July, Nick and I ate at our favorite Chicago restaurant, Girl & the Goat, prior to seeing West Side Story.  When we were there, we inquired as to when their next Saturday night reservation was (at a somewhat reasonable time).  The answer?  November!  Because this place is so ridiculously good, we made our reservation on the spot and have been looking forward to it ever since!  We went with two of our friends who had never been there before, and it was fun to introduce more people to this amazing Chicago gem 🙂


I can honestly say that I love every single thing about this restaurant.  The ambiance is cool and laid back, the beer list is solid, and the food is to die for!

On Saturday, we arrived early and enjoyed a few beers at the bar.  We were seated about 20 minutes after our reservation time – something that didn’t bother me in the least bit – and when we were seated, our waitress immediately put in two complimentary orders for us, because we were “waiting for a while”.  I was so impressed by this amazing customer service, and it really set an even better tone for the night.  As usual, our meal was insanely good, with each plate better than the next.

We enjoyed: chickpea fritters (my favorite), sweet potato au gratin, green beans (sounds plain, isn’t plain, is amazing), grilled baby octopus, escargot ravioli, mussels with fresh croutons, goat belly with lobster and bourbon butter sauce (another favorite), and one of the restaurant’s staples – pig face.

One of my favorite things about visiting this restaurant (aside from the party in my mouth) is that the kitchen is open to the main dining area.  I love watching the line cooks work, and especially love that Stephanie Izard is so present.  When I visit a restaurant with a celebrity chef, and the chef is actually there working, I love it.  At one point, Nick saw Stephanie bringing a copy of her new cookbook into the dining room.  The next time we saw our waitress, he asked if we could get a copy.  She came back a few minutes later with a signed copy, but was apologetic because Stephanie had just left for the night.

It’s cool.  During one of our previous visits, Nick and I sat at the chef’s table, and she asked us how our meal was.  We’re pretty much BFF.

I’m so excited to break into this baby and start cooking!

And yes, we did make another reservation for a Saturday night in February.  I just can’t get enough!


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