Funfetti Cookies

15 Nov

Yesterday was my 8th annual 21st 28th birthday, which meant some celebrating was in order over the weekend!  On Sunday night, Nick asked me to choose a dinner that I’d like him to cook.  I mulled over this decision for a while, much to his chagrin, but eventually settled upon my all-time favorite: mac & cheese!  I decided to have chicken scallopine and some sort of vegetable to go alongside.

I was a little dismayed when Nick arrived home from the grocery store with shell-shaped pasta.  I despise Velveeta shells and cheese and I was worried that I would have a negative flashback experience.  Luckily for me, this mac and cheese includes 5 real varieties of cheese and is topped with breadcrumbs.  Negative flashbacks averted!

When we finished dinner, it was time to open presents.  I got lots of crazy-comfy, warm wool gear!

Wool socks, a wool neck gaiter and a long sleeve wool shirt (which we have heard is an excellent addition to winter running gear).  I am super excited to put all of these to good use, although I am hoping that I won’t have to break them out for a good long while.  You know you’re old when you are pumped to receive wool socks for your birthday…

We also made a batch of funfetti cookies to enjoy for dessert.

I had two of these babies on Sunday night, and may have also helped myself to one during lunch and dinner yesterday.

Since I’ve been eating my weight in funfetti for the past few days, my attempt at a run this morning was pretty futile.  I ran approximately 5 steps before abandoning my efforts and taking Izzie for a 1.5 mile walk instead.

It happens.

When we arrived home, I decided to health it up a bit and enjoy a bowl of chocolate oats with chia seeds.  I also crumbled a peppermint pretzel on top for some holiday flare + crunch!

This was a tasty kickstart to my day, and will hopefully keep my satisfied and away from the funfetti cookies…at least until lunch 😉


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