Meet My New Best Friend

18 Nov

Zicam and I have become really tight the last two days.  Turns out my minor sore throat from yesterday was actually the start of a full-blown cold, so I’ve been popping these babies every couple hours. The last time I was sick, I got the chewables, thinking they would taste kind of like Starburst.  Unfortunately, they do taste a little Starbursty when you first eat them, but they finish with that same old metallic taste.  Hopefully they do their job so I can stop taking them!

Last night, Nick proved to be a pretty awesome mind reader.  As I was leaving my evening appointment, I called him to see if he could check on whether my favorite soup, Cream of Tomato, was on special at Panes, a bakery/cafe here in Chicago.  When he picked up the phone, the first thing he said was that a “delicious bowl of goodness” will be waiting for me when I got home.  Turns out, he had the same thought and had already called and ordered some yummy soup for me!

Just look at how thick and creamy and tomato-y that is!  This soup is ridiculous, and really hit the spot last night.  After I enjoyed my soup, I chased it with a shot of Theraflu and headed to bed at 9.  This morning I still wasn’t feeling too hot so I slept in a little bit.  When I got up, I really wanted to do something active, but had no interest in heading over to the gym.  So, I opted to do the 25 minute 10lb. Slimdown Yoga video on ExerciseTV On Demand.  This video was shorter than the other one I’ve done, but incorporated a much faster pace of poses.  I enjoyed it and even broke a little bit of a sweat!

I then enjoyed a bagel thin with jelly and some piping hot tea.

I’m so glad it’s Friday!  I really need a few days of R&R!


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