Kids at the Gym

19 Nov

This morning I awoke with my cold still in full force.  I’ve felt so lazy the past few days and really wanted to get a good run in today.  There are lots of opinions out there regarding whether or not you should exercise while sick, but the one I’ve read the most is the “neck rule“.  If your illness is above the neck, you should be OK to exercise.  Anything below the neck, though, and exercise is off limits. Since my cold seems to be planted right between my eyes, I figured I’d be fine to attempt a run.

Since I knew there was a chance that I’d want to stop at any moment, I decided to do my entire run on the treadmill.  I impressed myself and finished 6 miles, feeling pretty good throughout.

I ran at a 9:15 pace, stopping to walk for about a minute after miles 3, 4 and 5.  Since I was treading for an hour, I had lots of time to people watch.  Consistent with other recent Saturday mornings, I noticed a trend that kind of disturbs me.

Kids – I’m talking less than 10 years old – working out at the gym.  Kids on ellipticals.  Kids on treadmills.  Kids on stationary bikes.  Kids using TRX straps.  You name it, these kiddos are doing it.  As much as I totally support the fact that these kids are at least being active – especially given the poor quality of food that I’ve seen served in the public schools – I still don’t feel totally comfortable with children this young being at the gym.  Shouldn’t they be playing sports?  Even if being in the city in the winter makes it difficult to be outside, our gym as basketball courts, racquetball courts and tennis courts – they should be using these!  They’ve got the rest of their lives to spend bored on a treadmill.


When I arrived home from the gym, I enjoyed a lunch of leftover Indian and spend the rest of the day lounging on the couch and popping Dayquil so I can feel well enough to enjoy a dinner of delicious burgers tonight!


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