Sweet and Salty Rice Bowl

22 Nov

Well, I’ve still got a cold – but it’s nowhere near as bad as it’s been for the past few days.  My fever is long gone, and now I just feel like I have a bunch of cotton  balls stuffed between my ears.


I’ll take what I can get!

When I got home this afternoon I had no idea what I was going to have for lunch.  I didn’t hit the grocery store this weekend so my choices were pretty limited.  After staring in my cabinets and fridge, I decided to throw together an impromptu rice bowl using a box of wild rice and the following additions:

Feta cheese, chopped dates, and almonds.  I figured the sweet and salty combination would work pretty well and I was right!  This actually turned out to be a pretty tasty, albeit hastily thrown together, lunch!

The dates lent a nice sticky sweetness, while the almonds gave each bite a little crunch.  I very much enjoyed it!

I chased lunch with some Dayquil and adult gummy vitamins and am now powering through some more work since it’s a short work week!




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