Back to the Grind & Back to Normal!

28 Nov

What a weekend!  Nick and I spent the holiday with his parents in Florida and enjoyed some much-needed R&R in beautifully warm and sunny weather.  This was just what I needed to get rid of my awful cold!

It was a weekend of eating and drinking and eating some more, with a little bit of exercise sprinkled in…

We ran a turkey trot on Thursday morning with some fun hats!

And on Saturday we went for a long bike ride.

We rented beach cruisers – so much different from our road bikes!

Bike riding on the beach is no joke!  My heart was pumpin’ after some time spent on the soft sand!

Eventually, we moved off the beach and onto the road to ride through a beautiful state park.

After a few hours of riding,we enjoyed some Coronas by the beach!

It was the perfect start to the holiday season!

As enjoyable as our weekend was, I was pretty excited to get back to normal eating/workout routines this week.

But first, I enjoyed one final weekend indulgence last night – hot chocolate with Bailey’s Irish Cream!

I broke out our adorable reindeer-themed mugs, and figured Blitzen would be the perfect character for my boozy hot chocolate!  It was a delightful holiday treat 🙂

Since Izzie spent the weekend cooped up in a kennel, I took her for a 2 mile run this morning (short enough to ease us both back into it!).  She dragged a bit at first, but when she found a tennis ball she got so excited that she kept right up for the rest of our run!

(this is an old photo but gets the point across)

This dog loves balls almost as much as she loves food!  This was reflected on her adoption paperwork 4 years ago, and still rings true today!

After our run, I made myself a bowl of oatmeal with chia seeds, sweetened with honey and sprinkled with raisins.  On the side, a few slices of a delicious Bosch pear!

I really enjoyed my healthy breakfast and am ready to get started on my work week!


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