Halfway Through

30 Nov


This week has felt long, and it’s only Wednesday!  I felt rejuvenated when we got back from our Thanksgiving break, but getting back into the routine this week has been pretty tough.  I have not wanted to get out of bed at all!  Yesterday I skipped a workout all together, and today I chose to do another short 2-mile loop with Izzie.  Hopefully next week will be easier.  I’m inching closer and closer to the start of my marathon training plan!

Forks Over Knives

Over the holiday, Nick and I watched the film “Forks Over Knives” with his parents.  The premise of the film is that we should be eating a plant-based diet, and should be drastically reducing, if not eliminating, animal products from our diets.  I’ll admit that I was skeptical about this film at first.  I expected some pseudoscience pushy veganism.  What I didn’t expect was to walk away from the film intrigued and even convinced that they had a point.

Data was presented from two MDs who have spent their careers researching the effects of plant-based diets on several degenerative diseases.  Many of the studies could probably benefit from some replication (maybe they have been?  I’m planning to do a little google scholar search when I get some free time), but the data that was presented was compelling nonetheless.  The researchers found, for example, that people with advanced heart disease could halt and even reverse the progression of the disease just by switching to a plant-based diet.  Some animal research was also presented, showing that high levels of casein (the main protein in milk) resulted in precancerous cell growth, but reducing casein levels halted and reduced this growth.

Now, I didn’t walk away from this film planning on becoming a vegan.  Honestly, I could probably give up meat.  But I’ll never give up dairy.  I just like cheese and ice cream too much.  What I did walk away thinking, though, was that I could really reduce the amount of animal products that I eat during any given week.  Nick felt the same way, so when we got home on Sunday we whipped up a batch of vegetarian chili.

This chili was delicious and I didn’t miss the meat at all.  I did add some cheese, though – told ya I couldn’t drop it!  I plan to enjoy some of this chili for lunch today, and will post the recipe then – it’s one worth sharing!

As the chili was cooking up on Sunday, we also got to work decorating for Christmas.

We broke out some cute wine markers that Nick picked up a few weeks ago.

And lots of snowmen, Christmas balls, and even a wine bottle reindeer sweater!  I love the holidays 🙂


Another side effect of our viewing of Forks Over Knives is that I’ve been really trying to incorporate a piece of fruit into my breakfast, as well as for snacks/dessert throughout the day.  This morning I enjoyed another bowl of oatmeal with chia seeds, honey and raisins, with a pear on the side.

This type of breakfast makes me feel  healthy and like I am starting off my day on the right foot.  Now I’m getting my work on and hoping this week starts moving a little faster.


2 Responses to “Halfway Through”

  1. Brigid December 2, 2011 at 2:55 pm #

    I just read a book called The China Study that sounds similar to that video. While I was impressed with some of the scientific facts, I’m not going vegan anytime soon either. I’ll be running my first marathon in 2012. Have you done one before?

    • willrun4treats December 2, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

      Interesting! I’ll have to check the book out. I haven’t run a full before – I’m running my first one on April 29 (Big Sur). Right now, I’m just trying to gear myself up for the weekly long runs – my “longest run ever” comes pretty early on in my training plan. We’ll see how it goes 🙂 Which one are you doing?

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