Copycat Dinner

1 Dec


Last night, Nick and I had a copycat dinner 🙂  On Friday (the day after we watched Forks Over Knives), we had lunch out at a cute little restaurant near Nick’s parents.  Nick ordered a nice healthy lunch – a couscous salad with lemon cumin vinaigrette dressing.  I was glad he ordered this, because I was checkin’ it out as well, but decided to go with the veggie burger.

The salad was light and fresh, and we decided to recreate it for dinner this week.  Into the mix went some couscous, chickpeas, cucumbers, tomatoes, feta and shrimp on a bed of greens.

This was all topped off with a lemon cumin vinaigrette dressing, made with fresh lemon juice, cumin and mustard (and maybe other things.  Nick made it.  I drank wine).

My favorite thing about this dinner?  While it was light, it was also filling and took a long time to eat.  When things take a long time to eat, I always walk away feeling more satisfied.  This dinner will definitely appear again in this household!

Workout & Breakfast

I woke up this morning with a splitting headache.  My plan was to swim, but the thought of putting tight goggles on my head really did not appeal to me.  I was in one of those moods where nothing sounded good, but I wanted to do something.  Then I remembered the 100 workout, which I recently saw on Pinterest.  I made a few adjustments, and ended up completing this workout.


I decided to do side leg lifts instead of regular leg lifts because I wanted to work on my hips a little bit.  As I’m preparing for the marathon, I am hyper aware of the weakness in my hips, and how this affects my stamina while running.  Nick told me a while back that if you kick your calf while you are running, this indicates weak hip muscles.  Guess what?  I kick my calves all the time.  I never noticed it before, but now I am super aware of it.  Time to strengthen those hips!

I was also way too lazy to a) go to the gym or b) bundle up to go outside, so I replaced the 10 minute run with another set of 100 jumping jacks, and threw in a set of 20 pushups and a 60-second plank.  This wasn’t the hardest workout that I’ve ever done, but it got me moving and my legs felt slightly jello-esque at the end.

Afterwards, I had a bowl of maple brown sugar oatmeal with a pear.

Lots of chia seeds in that bowl!  Happy Thursday!



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