Run, Santa, Run!

3 Dec

This morning, Nick and I participated in the Santa Hustle 5K.  Both of us really enjoy holiday/theme races, and this particular race was actually featured in the last issue of Runner’s World.  We registered last weekend and woke up bright and early this morning to get our Santa on!

My initial plan was to run 7 miles this morning, as I am ramping up my mileage in preparation for marathon training.  I went to bed last night thinking that I would just get up a little earlier and run a few miles with Izzie before heading up to the 5K.  When I woke up, though, I heard rain outside and decided to forego the extra outdoor mileage.

The Santa  Hustle features technical t-shirts that look like Santa’s coat, as well as Santa hats and beards – all part of the goodie bag!  We got ready to run as Santas and had to take a picture before we headed out the door.

We both decided not to wear the beards to run, and Nick’s Santa hat was unfortunately too small.  Luckily he had a red running cap to wear instead.  I also donned a pair of red and green argyle knee socks, with Christmas trees and white fur trim.  You can juuust see the tops of them in the above photo.

The race was completely packed with Santas – around 4,000 to be exact!

It was really fun to look ahead of us at the sea of Santa hats!  They were also handing out Hershey’s Kisses and cookies at the aid stations, which was a very cute touch.  However, I learned that neither chocolate nor sugar cookies are great mid-run.  I was thirsty after each of those!

With 4,000 participants on a relatively narrow course, things were pretty darn crowded out there.  We ended up running our slowest 5K ever, coming in at over 32 minutes.  Yikes!

We had a great time at the race, but it ended up feeling more like a warmup than anything.  So we both decided to hit the gym when we got home, and I was able to get in my 7 miles afterall!  I completed 4 miles at around a 9:30 pace.

When we got home, we called Panes to see if they had their cream of tomato soup on the menu today.  Nick’s exclamation of joy when he was on the phone told me that they did!  We both ordered soup and a sandwich (I got the portabella and pesto on tomato focaccia) and enjoyed it while we watched the UNC game.

Unfortunately, the Tar Heels lost in a last-minute one-point game.  It was fun to watch, though.  I really miss being down there and getting into the excitement of basketball season.  I told Nick we’ll have to attend some of the alumni game viewing events here in Chicago this winter!

We just got done taking our family Christmas photo, with lots of hilarious outtakes.  I can’t wait to share ’em 🙂

Tonight’s gonna be a nice and relaxing cooking/movie watching kinda night.  Just like I like it!



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