First Snowfall

9 Dec

This morning I awoke to a very thin blanket of snow outside.  I’m not sure if 1/2 inch counts as measurable, but I hope not.  If we make it to December 16 without any measurable snowfall, it’ll be the latest in Chicago’s history.  As a snow hater, I’m down with that!

The one thing that gets me through the winter is Izzie’s intense love for the fluffy white stuff.  Seriously, this southern dog adores snow!


The photo above is from the blizzard that hit Chicago in February last year.  Iz was a little freaked out when we got outside and she immediately sank, but once she realized she could take refuge on the plowed street, she really got into it!

She’s a nut, but that’s why I love her!

After we returned from our first-snow walk, I decided to do a little strength training circuit that was inspired by these girls.

And while I was working out, I listened to the following playlist.

I might have to purchase an LMFAO cd.  Their songs never disappoint, and Sexy and I know It just may be my favorite workout song of all time!

I cannot believe it’s already Friday afternoon!  What a 180 from last week 🙂


One Response to “First Snowfall”

  1. Courtney December 10, 2011 at 4:45 pm #

    LOVE me some LMFAO! That song is the best – good choice! 😉

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