Speedy (for me) Early Morning Run

22 Dec

This morning was an early one!  I was at the gym by 5:20 and completed a 3 mile run.  I bumped my speed up a bit, and ended up completing the run in under 27 minutes.


I tried to log in to my netpulse account to pull up the stats from the log on the treadmill, but all of my workouts seem to have disappeared.  I really like the idea of this system, but they desperately need to work out the kinks.

Regardless of the netpulse snaffoo, I was really happy with my run today.  I enjoy kicking the speed up a notch and still feeling good afterwards.  It really highlights that if I decided to push myself, I could run a lot faster – running’s a mental game!

Last night, Nick and I opened a few early Christmas presents and enjoyed the pets’ reactions to the wrapping.  I had to share some pictures!









While Beanie got to work on the ribbon, Izzie couldn’t help herself with the wrapping paper.











And then Nick couldn’t help himself with the ribbon.

Introducing…Christmas dog!

















Gotta love Christmas time!


One Response to “Speedy (for me) Early Morning Run”

  1. kaleigh December 24, 2011 at 4:53 pm #

    Cute Christmas dog!!

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