First Official Day?

29 Dec

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!  Nick and I enjoyed spending the holiday in New Jersey with my family, and having a few days off from work!  We ate lots of indulgent foods, drank lots of wine, and even got our picture taken with Santa 😉









I also managed to fit in some exercise, in the form of a 9 mile run on Saturday morning, and ended up finishing with approximately a 10:15 average pace.  It felt great to get outside and run, and was also tough due to the hilly terrain near my parents’ house.  Since Chicago is flatter than flat, I knew it would be tough to hit the hills, but I also knew it would be a good indicator of how far I have to go with my training this winter.

Speaking of training.

I thought this week was my first official week of training, and have been telling everyone that my “Christmas present” is training for a marathon.  So, on Tuesday morning, I got up and headed over to the gym to complete 8×400 repeats.



I ran each 400 meter segment at an 8:00/mile pace, with a slower .1 mile of recovery in between each.  I felt great, and was proud to report to Nick that my first day of training went well.

Then, he asked me if I was doing a 16 or 18 week training plan.  I answered confidently.  16!  I double checked my printout and confirmed that I was, in fact, following a 16 week plan.  I was then informed that the marathon is actually 18 weeks away.  I guess I was just so excited to get started just can’t count.  Woops!  So now I’m continuing in my holding pattern until I actually start my plan in a few weeks!

Off to get some work done – enjoy your Thursday!



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