New Year’s Eve Eve

30 Dec

Happy Friday and New Year’s Eve Eve!  Today’s been a busy day for me, so here’s a little recap of what I’ve been up to.

I woke up this morning early to get in a run before my morning appointment.  I was technically supposed to complete a 3 mile tempo run yesterday, but I pulled a muscle in my back while I was sleeping (I know, ridiculous) and I really didn’t want to risk injuring myself.  So, I decided to hold off for a day and get my run in today instead.

All of my marathon training runs are based on my “10K pace” – for example, speed runs are to be completed roughly 45-60 faster than 10K pace.  Unfortunately for me, I don’t know what my 10K pace is.  So, I’ve made the assumption that if I really wanted to, I could complete a 10K while maintaining 9 minute miles.  Since today’s run was a “short tempo” run, it meant I was running at 10K pace.  I finished in exactly 26:59 🙂




Once I finished up, I was out the door to attend my last appointment of 2011.  How crazy is that?!

My schedule was light today, with only my morning appointment, so when I got home I threw on some sweats and did the rest of my work on the couch.  I had the best coworker(s) ever!









I don’t think I have ever seen this dog cuddle up with a stuffed toy.  Normally she gets to work ripping out their innards within 2 seconds of coming into contact with them.  It was so cute I took about 10 pictures.  I’ll just provide you with this one 😉

Nick just began preparing our dinner for tonight – a Mario Battali Osso Bucco recipe – and it smells delicious.  Time to finish up work so I can go to town on some food!!


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