Scenes From the Last Run of 2011

31 Dec

This morning I set out to complete a run of somewhere between 6-8 miles.  Since I didn’t actually start my training plan yet, I figured I could be a little less rigid about my distance today and just play it by ear.  I started out with a loop of a little less than 2 miles with Izzie, and then completed the rest after dropping her off at home.



I ran a completely different route than normal today, and I loved it!

I started off by heading down to the lakefront.









I normally don’t enjoy running along the lake, but for some reason I was really in the mood for it this morning.  I quickly tired of the straight shot, however, and veered off into Lincoln Park for a change of scenery.









While running through the park, I found myself coming up on the zoo and decided to continue my run with the animals.

































It’s such a beautiful day in Chicago today, and the zoo was actually pretty packed.  It was definitely a fun variation from my normal running route!

When exiting the zoo, I stopped to take a picture of the Lincoln Park Conservatory, which is where Nick and I got engaged.  I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since then!  Time really does fly.









Have a wonderful New Year’s Eve, and a fantastic start to 2012!


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