Going Loko

8 Jan

Weekends just go by way too fast!  I cannot believe it’s already Sunday afternoon.  I guess time flies when you’re having fun 🙂


Yesterday was another beautiful day here in Chicago.  I woke up and took Izzie for a 2 mile run, but wasn’t really feeling it so I stopped when I brought her home.  I did about 20 minutes of yoga and called it a day.

Apparently what I was feeling, though, was ridiculous alcholic beverages.

Several months ago, Nick and I were in the store and picked up a few Four Lokos.  This was before they removed the caffeine due to all the safety concerns about caffeinated alcoholic drinks.  The crazy beers have been in our fridge ever since, but I’ve never really felt in the mood to try them.  Until yesterday, that is.

At about 2 in the afternoon, I broke open a watermelon flavored Four Loko.








It actually tasted much better than I expected!  It wasn’t as super sweet as I was anticipating, and reminded me a lot of the raspberry flavored Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  Although I enjoyed the flavor, I made sure to pace myself.  Nick and I ended up splitting just about half the can, and let me tell you something – it went right to my head.  If this stuff had been around when I was in college, I probably would’ve had it stockpiled.  The perfect pregaming beverage 😉

We also had some entertainment from Izzie, who assumed some interesting positions to catch rays in the living room.







I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – she is the weirdest dog ever!

After sobering up from our mid-afternoon booze sampling, Nick and I headed out to dinner at Sushi Mon, a sushi place in Chicago which features pressed sushi rolls.









We enjoyed the Chicago, the Crazy, and another enormous roll called the Red Dragon.  All of them were delicious, and we left incredibly stuffed.  Sushi Mon also happens to be BYOB, so we split a bottle of white wine with dinner.

When we got home, we spent some time playing with the pets.















Then, we spent the rest of the night lounging around and watching football.  It was a great Saturday evening!


Unfortunately, the mix of Four Loko, wine and sushi didn’t really sit too well with me.  I woke up feeling a little off, and contemplated skipping today’s run.  Thankfully, once I got back from the grocery store, I was feeling a little better.  So, I headed over to the gym and hopped onto the one free treadmill.  The gym was packed seeing as it’s the beginning of January, so I’m glad I got one!


I initially planned on running 5 miles, but I was feeling so good that I ended up doing 6 instead.  I’m ready to start my training for real this week!

Since I returned home from the gym, I’ve been snacking my way through the day…








…and watching Teen Mom 2 and Dance Moms.  Nick had some work to do today, so I have had full control of the TV 🙂

Happy Sunday!


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