The Real First Day of Training

10 Jan

Yesterday I filled out my training calendar…and seriously questioned my sanity.  For the next 16 weeks, I will be running no less than 10 miles every Saturday, and even have a few weeks with two over 10 mile runs.  Yikes!

This morning, I knocked out the first speed work run of my training plan.  This was no biggie, since I’ve been playing around with speed workouts for the past few weeks, so it helped me feel a little more calm than I did during the whole calendar-making incident.




8×400 meter repeats, at an 8:00/mile  pace.  I also wrapped up my workout with about 4 minutes of inclince walking.

When I got home, I enjoyed a cereal mashup which included Multigrain Cheerios, Rice Chex, Cinnamon Oatmeal Squares, Chia Seeds & Almond Milk.















I haven’t been in the mood for oatmeal recently, since the weather has been so warm(ish)!  So, when I saw that oatmeal squares were on sale at the grocery store this weekend, I made sure to grab 2 boxes.  They are perfectly crunchy and delicious!

Now it’s time to power through Tuesday!


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