Marathon Cold

17 Jan

As I mentioned previously, last week was the first week of my marathon training.  I felt great throughout the week, and was able to knock out an early 10 mile run on Saturday with virtually no problems.



I ended up running on the treadmill because it’s been pretty chilly here in Chicago recently, and I just didn’t feel like dealing with freezing cold wind chills.  I also had a few glasses of wine on Friday night and knew I would be thirsty, so the treadmill made it easy to sip water as I was going.

I lucked out, and realized at the beginning of my run that the TVs on the treadmills have an “On Demand” option.  I ended up watching a few episodes of Friends, and even caught my all-time favorite scene.





Chandler was always my favorite character 🙂  I say that the run went with virtually no problems because I almost went flying off the treadmill at around mile 9.  Note to self: don’t laugh out loud after running 9 miles on a treadmill.  Your knees will buckle and send you sailing into the glass wall behind you.


After my run, I was feeling great, and enjoyed a nice relaxing Saturday.  Later in the evening, Nick and I met up with some friends at Goose Island to enjoy some post-run fuel drink a ridiculous amount of beer and watch some football.







Drinking several strong beers after a long run does not make for a happy Sunday morning.  Unfortunately for me, though, a headache was the least of my worries on Sunday.  I think the long run, the beers, and the nature of my work combined in the worst way possible, and I have now come down with an annoying cold.

My head is totally stuffed up, and I had to skip my run this morning.  Missing workouts during week 2 of marathon training was not part of my plan!  I’m hoping that lots of medicine and Zicam will get me back to tip-top shape for this weekend’s long run.  Fingers crossed!

Now, to make it through Tuesday…


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