Snow Lessons

21 Jan

It is snowing in Chicago today.  Currently, they are calling for about 5-7 inches to fall in total.  What happened to the sunny 50 degree weather we’ve been having?!  Bring it back!


I had a morning appointment today, and arrived home around 11:30.  At that point, the snow had started but wasn’t too bad just yet.  However, I noticed something strange.  The street on which we live had not been plowed and/or salted – at least as far as I could see.  I figured they were waiting until the snow picked up, but as the afternoon pushed on I still didn’t see any plows.  Curious, I checked the travel times on the highways to see if all snow-removal efforts had been directed there.  Check these times out!









That’s almost four hours that it’s taking people to drive approximately 25 miles.  Four hours!  What gives, Chicago?!

As the snow was coming down this evening, I bundled Izzie up in her monogrammed, striped hoodie (I can’t get enough of it) and headed out for a quick walk.  I let her run free in a small enclosed area near our house, and thought she was going to go wild.  Instead, she hunkered down and gobbled up as much snow as she could fit into her mouth.









I tried to engage her in some play, but she would have none of it!  That snow was just too tasty!

I learned an important lesson during this whole thing.  Don’t allow Izzie off the leash during a snowstorm because she hasn’t quite learned off-leash manners she’ll consume so much snow that she promptly throws up all of her food upon returning home.

Looks like I’ll be banging out 12 miles on a treadmill tomorrow morning!  Woohoo, so fun!

Enjoy your Friday evening!


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