Chocolate, Cherry, Chia Oats

7 Feb


Welp, my training plan has had another setback.  Let me take you back through this last week…

My long run on January 28 went pretty well.  I felt good and, although I was on a treadmill, the run seemed to fly by.  My foot didn’t hurt and I was feeling quite positive about my progress.

The first week of February was amazingly warm here in Chicago.  I had a down week on my schedule, and took Izzie for a nice leisurely run outside on Tuesday.  Again, I felt great!  I was faster than normal and was in a great mood when I finished.

Then, Wendesday hit.  Again, it was a gorgeous day.  Think sunny and 40s at 7am.  You can’t beat that on February 1 in Chicago!  I didn’t have a run on my schedule, so I completed an upper body workout when I awoke.  However, I just could not resist getting out in the amazing weather, so I decided to take Izzie for a simple 1-mile loop.  How much damage could an easy 1 mile really do, I thought to myself…

The beginning of my run was uneventful.  A few tweaks here and there in my foot, but overall I was pain free.  Until I was one block from home.  And I had the brilliant idea to sprint with Izzie, so as to give her some more exercise.








Worst.  Idea.  Ever.  About half a block into our “sprint”, my foot completely seized up and I had to walk the rest of the way home.  For the next two days, I could feel it anytime I took a step, and I was seriously worried about what I had done.

I didn’t run for the rest of the week, and only ran about 2 miles on Saturday before completing my workout on the bike.

Slowly but surely, the pain has been subsiding, so I decided to try out a run this morning.  Although winter has very much arrived in Chicago this week, I bundled up and headed outdoors for a run – again, with Izzie.  Although I could still feel little twinges here and there, my run was pretty good.  I went 3 miles, easy, and called it a day.  Since I got home, I’ve been icing and rolling my foot on a ball to try to loosen up whatever’s going on down there.

Hopefully this will just be a minor hiccup in my overall training plan, but I think I may have to swear off the treadmill for the rest of the winter.  It seems I always get injured, and/or exacerbate an injury, while running on the good old ‘mill.  It’s so much easier to adjust stride and make sure things are feeling good when running outside, so I’ll be investing in a few more “extreme cold weather” shirts for the next few months!


For the past few weeks, I’ve been having the same cereal bowl mashup every day.  Surprisingly, I’m not sick of it yet, but I did feel like warming things up a bit after my cold run this morning. So, I pulled together a few random ingredients.

Chocolate Extract, Chia Seeds & Dried Cherries









I quickly cooked up some microwave oats, and added these ingredients – plus a little stevia and some honey roasted pecans.








The chocolate extract added just the right amount of chocolate flavor without being too dessert-like for breakfast.  This was a quick, tasty, and warming breakfast.  Perfect for a cold winter morning!

Now I’m off to tackle Tuesday!


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