Top 5 Ways to Make a Bad Day Good (Countdown Style)

17 Feb

#5.  Watch the most recent episode of Jersey Shore.  There’s nothing about hearing Snooki call a doctor and say “I got a UTI and it hurts!” that won’t make you smile.  Nothing.










#4.  Eat a few half a bag of Cadbury mini eggs.  Chocolate makes you happy!  It’s science!








#3.  Complete your afternoon work with your puppy by your side.  Best thing about working from home, hands down.











#2.  Watch a clip of Reese Witherspoon 100% geeking out over meeting Kate Middleton.

I mean, she’s a princess y’all!!!!

And the #1 way to make a bad day good is…








to open your mail and find an American Girl catalog addressed to your husband.  Nick, you’re gonna be receiving these for life!  I bet you’re really glad you accompanied me on my Molly hunt before Christmas!!

And there you have it – the top 5 ways to make a bad day good.  Have a wonderful evening!


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