Swimming My Way to the Finish Line

24 Feb

With my recent string of injuries, I’ve been focusing on cross training quite a bit this week.  I decided to swim again this morning, which is quickly becoming my favorite way to cross train.  I often need to do some mental coercing to get there…









…but once I’m halfway through my first length, I never regret it.  Swimming makes me feel strong and capable, without putting extra stress on my existing injuries.  Plus, I get really awesome black eyes from my goggles!

I swam 3/4 mile this morning, and am planning to hit the pool again tomorrow as part of a mini-triathlon to replace my weekly long run.  Nick suggested I take the whole week off from running, and I think he’s got it right.  My plan is to swim and bike for an undetermined (as of now) amount of time, and then run 1-3 miles.  Luckily, my gym has an indoor track, so I can run without the treadmill, but also allow myself the opportunity to stop at any time without having to walk home in the freezing cold.  Win-win.

In other news, it’s cold and snowy in Chicago today.  Since I don’t have any appointments, I think I’ll turn the fireplace up to high and pretend I’m here.









Ahhh, if only…


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