Like Losing a Friend

1 Mar


Yesterday morning I took Izzie for an unplanned long walk.  It was positively gorgeous out, and I had to take advantage of the sunshine and warm weather!  Unfortunately for me, my little princess refuses to get her feet wet, and we encountered a fairly large puddle towards the end of our walk.  I made the leap over the puddle with her and immediately felt my knee tweak.  I should be banned from doing anything besides running until April 29!  Just like football players who aren’t permitted to go skiing.  It’s exactly like that, right?!







Anyway, I wasn’t too sure what to expect this morning, but I set out for a run anyway.  I ended up completing 4 miles without any pain, so  I’m calling it a successful morning!  As long as I can get slowly back into it in time to complete my few long runs right before the race I think I’ll be OK.  I made sure to seriously stretch both before and after my run today and have been icing on and off since I returned home.

Book Friends

Last week I started – and finished – The Hunger Games series.  I honestly can’t believe how sucked in I got.  I actually found myself excited to get caught behind a freight train on Wednesday, because it gave me the opportunity to read for an extra 10 minutes.

I loved everything about this series, and felt pretty depressed when I finished it up on Saturday.  I told Nick that the reason I felt depressed was because I missed my good friends Katniss and Peeta.  You know you’ve found a good book when you legitimately miss the characters once you are done reading.  I wish that there were more books in this series, but for now I’ll just have to settle for the movie.  For which I have already purchased tickets.  I asked Nick if he would be embarassed if I wore a Hunger Games shirt to the theater.












He laughed as though I were kidding, but I’m not sure he realizes quite how serious I am.  After all, this only happened a few years ago…











Riddikulus!  Have a wonderful Thursday!


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